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+jazznewbloodALIVE is a showcase Festival series part of the EFG London Jazz Festival happening at Waterloo Creative studio/ IKLECTIK in Waterloo (2016-2020) and Woolwich Works (2021).
Curated and produced by Patricia Pascal, presents a selection of extraordinary talented young jazz artists and bands with an average ages of 20 years old.
Part of the event, a photo exhibition is also presented every year with photos by Patricia Pascal and Steve Funky Feet, both known for documenting the London Youth Jazz Scene. The music is all original jazz-inspired sounds by the next generation of Jazz talent. Additionally to the showcase, a compilation with Live performances recorded at the showcase is digitally released every International Jazz Day at Jazznewblood digital label powered by Believe.
Watch out for the new podcast jazznewbloodTAPES dedicated to 1st album, Ep´s, Singles including some storytelling about artist beginnings, the early career years. 





Jazznewblood #lockdownjazz fundraiser for Help Musicians UK (2020)
Artist line-up curated by Pat Pascal

Instagram size lockdownjazz.jpg

W.LedJazz 2021 #01 @WoolwichWorks @EFGLondonJazzFest
2 days / 6 Womxn led ensembles

Artist line-up curated and produced by Patricia Pascal


W.LedJazz 2022 #02 @WoolwichWorks @EFGLondonJazzFest
2 days / 4 Womxn led ensembles

Artist line-up curated and produced by Patricia Pascal

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.44.58.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.45.21.png

other special projects


+Successfully conceived total concepts and executed special music-related projects targeting young audiences.

PT Project (2002-2003)


PT PROJECT-TALENT PROJECTION was a project aimed to capture the young people´s attention to new products launched by this communication Portuguese giant -PTCOMUNICATIONS SA


This project included the production of an Album compilation to present 10 new music projects and 3 big events in Lisbon and Oporto. The company PT COMMUNICATION invested more that 350000.00Euros in the whole project including the marketing campaign. It was the first PT COMMUNICATION project that involved commercial music.

ALCATEL REC (2003-2006)


ALCATEL REC» Music and Video Awards #1 and #2 (2003/2004/2005/2006) was a project aimed to motivate young people in using broadband internet and also to promote ALCATEL name within the young people's target.

This project was all developed on the Interner on the website: and was the first Portuguese internet contest to happen online. The goal was to find 8 winner songs in 8 different styles and from those 8 songs initiate a video contest to find the 8 winner videoclips to those songs. This contest had the support and partnership of several major companies and entities like the Portuguese State Department—UMIC (Mission, Innovation and knowledge unity), National Radio ANTENA3, Music Journal BLITZ, Design University ETIC, University LUSÓFONA, NÚMERO FESTIVAL, Music Tv Channel SOL MUSICA, THEOOTHEZZ, EMI PORTUGAL, ETC. The success of this initiative was such that other ALCATEL COMPANIES throughout the WORLD adopted the contest concept to themselves.

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